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* Master Healing - $165
This is our most popular session. The Healer will work with you in spirit before your session as well as speak with you as part of your session to help you get to the core of any imbalance going on in your life. After that the Healer will customize your session and choose from multiple healing modalities /techniques, incorporating deep removal of energetic blocks on physical, emotional and mental levels. Truly Transformative. Session lasts approximately 60-75 min. Available in person or by phone.

* Long Distance Healing - $165
Have a healing session done in the privacy of your own home. Because everything is energy, we do not have to see you in person to connect with you to perform a treatment. We will consult with you on the phone, then you can hang up or stay on the line to do the session, You get to lie there and receive, enjoy, and integrate the energy.

* House Clearing - $160/hr
Clear the energy in your house and have it filled with the energy of love and peace. Good times to do this are when you just moved into a new home, are trying to sell a home, if someone has moved in/out of the residence, have experienced any significant changes in your life, or if you are experiencing any unusual activity in the home.



* Past Life Reading - $44 (Introductory Price)
Who were you in a past life? How is it affecting your current life? Discovering this can be life altering!

--PAST LIFE CATEGORIES: (choose 1 per reading)---
* Relationship - Information on 1 specific relationship and 1 past life with them.
* Who was I? - How 1 specific Past Life is powerfully affecting experiences this life.
* Gifts/Talents - Gifts that you have had in the past that are meant to be used/reawakened in this life
* Illness - A past life experience which is creating illness in this life.


* Crystal Oracle Card Reading - $22 (Introductory Price)
Discover which rock/crystal can help you right now in your life and has an empowering message for you!




Upcoming Classes
Interested in taking that next step on your path and need a little guidance. We also offer teleseminars and healing classes. Please Click Here to learn more about our upcoming classes.

*Ancient Hawaiian Healings should not replace your regular doctors or thier perscriptions.

**Kama'aina pricing (must have valid HI drivers license) - special discounts for kama'aina. See store for details.**

***Cash or credit card accepted. A 4.166% HI excise tax will be added to all in person sessions paid with credit card.

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