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Kristi Stoll
Classes with Kristi Stoll  

Feel the Best You have in Years!
Master Healing with Kristi Stoll, Kahuna Alana

When: December 18th
Time: 11am PT, 2pm ET (45-60min)
Where: Attend from anywhere. Access will be by phone or web. If you can't listen live, the replay will be available for 48 hours

"Yesterday's class was amazing. Best healing class yet."

"I haven't felt this good in years. I forgot what it was like to breath so easily."

"While I was listening to the healing, it evolved into pain relief for my lower body joints!"

"Wow!  Wonder if my feet will ever touch the ground again. Thank you for guiding me through a much needed healing.  Was able to release so much as tears rolled down my face and now a feeling of euphoria."

"Very powerful!"

"Filled with Love and Grace and Divine Healing!"

This is what participants are saying about the Hawaiian Healing Experience! Now, it's your turn. 

With this Healing you have the opportunity to experience:

  • Calming, Centeredness and Peace Deep Within
  • Released Energetic Blockages (which cause illness)
  • Energy Centers (chakras) Cleared, Harmonized and Balanced.
  • Greatly reduced or eliminated symptoms of any dis - ease 
  • Balance and Healing for Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Bodies 
  • Alignment with Your Divine Higher Self
  • Strengthening of your Body's Natural Ability to Heal
This powerful Ancient Healing modality has been passed down over the centuries through a lineage of Hawaiian Kahuna Healers. Ancient Hawaiians believed that dis - ease occurs when the mind perceives separation from Wholeness, or Oneness, with the Divine. During your Healing Experience we help clear energy blocks and give you an opportunity to return to wholeness where healing can occur emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually and your body can restore its own natural ability to Heal.

Join me!

** SPECIAL PRICE OF $99 (Reg $165)




About Kristi: Kristi is a Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher/Coach and author holding master level certifications in several Vibrational Healing modalities including Ancient Rainbow (ARCH) and I'O (Divine Source) Healing (plus others). She has been initiated as a Hawaiian Kaula (prophet or seer), and was certified as Kahuna (Shaman/expert) Alana - Kahuna of Awakening in 2011. Before this she was a Reiki Master for 15 years. Kristi reached the conscious state of Oneness in 2008 and now helps raise the consciousness of people to assist them in remembering who they really are and to support them in creating what they wish for in life. She is the co-author of the book, Dream It, Create It, How to Find Your Passion and Realize Your Dreams for teens/tweens.

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