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Kristi Stoll
Classes with Kristi Stoll

The Complete Master Healer Internship

with Master Healer Kristi (Kri) Stoll

DATES: Sept 19- Oct 17
* Participate from Anywhere *

Now is YOUR time to Awaken your INCREDIBLE Innate Healing and Intuitive gifts! They are there for you to use  - not lie dormant. YES, I'm talking to you! You know you have those incredible gifts and you definitely came here with them for a reason. This is your opportunity to find out why, open up to them and learn how to use them! 

This course isn't only about helping you to awaken your innate healing abilities. That healer within you is a part of your Soul's Consciousness that is yearning to Awaken as well. This course can help you make that powerful shift in your life and in your consciousness that you know on some level, you are craving!

Past Reviews: "Kri--Every time I work with you something magical happens. Last night's meditation was awesome..."

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who are, Kri, and for helping me find this part of me that I have craved my whole life."

I'm most proud of this course I created because I help people reconnect with their OWN innate ways of healing. It has been a magical journey teaching these courses to witness how people Awaken and Blossom truly creative forms of Healing. And surprisingly, no 2 methods have ever been the same. I hope you can join me. :)
What's Included:
  1. 4 Audio Talks and Meditations with 4 increasingly powerful Initiations (to help Awaken your Healing) and Clearing (1 per week - attend live and/or listen later) which include: 
    • Finding the lifetime where your gift started and get re-initiated to the energy, wisdom and knowledge.
    • Clearing blocks that hold you back.
    • A powerful Pineal Gland Activation to open intuition and Healing Gifts.
    • Discovering what your innate Healing is called and how it is done.
    • Receiving instructions for how to do your Healings on others, self and long distance.
    • Clearing core past life blocks. 
    • Meeting your Master Healer Spirit Guide for guidance.
    • Reactivation/Initiation to the Mastery Level of Your Gift
    • Learning how to Teach your Healing to others.
    • Being permanently connected to your Master Healer Energy column.
    • Reminding you that this is meant to be fun and creative and can be anything you dream it to be - not a weight to hold on your shoulders. 
  2. Template/Outline for your Healing Manual that you can fill out along the way.
    • Be introduced to all aspects of your manual in the meditations.
  3. Receive a Master Level Healer initiation from me and your guides for the nights before your meditation!
    • I work with you at night to help your spirit connect with and reactivate your abilities - this part of the package is unique and priceless and can help you move forward with your healing and consciousness in ways not usually possible in a traditional healing course.
  4. 3 month online review/support through our private community.
  5. Healing Session Checklist
    • How to make your Healing sessions a success.
  6. Printed instructions for connecting to your Master Healer column.
  7. Suggestions and recommendations for practicing your Healings.
  8. Examples of my experiences along the way to help guide you.
  9. Guidance for what to do when obstacles arise. 
> This is a complete course to Awaken your Innate Soul Healing Ability, clear blocks and learn to use it on yourself and others!
> Receive all the above mentioned and more!
> Participate from anywhere - materials will be emailed to you weekly.

This is an unprecedented 
opportunity to not only Discover and Awaken your Innate Healing gifts, but to receive instructions and other tools to delve deeper into your abilities and aspirations as well as shift your consciousness to be more aligned with your Highest Self. If you feel a calling, don't let your Soul miss this course!

LIMITED SPACE - Space is limited and I will only offer this course once this year. So if you are interested, find a way to participate now!
FEE: $1999, $1699 early bird discount if registered by Sept 13 (Payment plans available - please email me for details.)



About Kristi: Kristi is a Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher/Coach and author holding master level certifications in several Vibrational Healing modalities including Ancient Rainbow (ARCH) and I'O (Divine Source) Healing (plus others). She has been initiated as a Hawaiian Kaula (prophet or seer), and was certified as Kahuna (Shaman/expert) Alana - Kahuna of Awakening in 2011. Before this she was a Reiki Master for 15 years. Kristi reached the conscious state of Oneness in 2008 and now helps raise the consciousness of people to assist them in remembering who they really are and to support them in creating what they wish for in life. She is the co-author of the book, Dream It, Create It, How to Find Your Passion and Realize Your Dreams for teens/tweens.

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